Welcome to the adult world

So, today I turned the ripe old age of 25. This was the point I decided I should probably start acting like an adult – or at the very least attempt to – those who know me will know how previous attempts have crashed and burned.

This brings me nicely onto the title of my blog. #PRAYFOREMILY. A simple Facebook search of this will lead you to the numerous shenanigans I have somehow, inexplicably, found myself in throughout the past 5 or so years – everything from putting on my Dad’s underpants to driving into a petrol pump.

I.am.that.person. If it’s going to happen to someone, it is going to happen to me!

So below is a round-up of my current life situation, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you all over the next however long.

Name: Emily

Age: 25

Relationship Status: Single

Children: 0

Responsible: Barely

Financial Status: **ERROR**

Diet: Pizza

Smoker: No

Drinker: No

Self Pity-er: Yes

Goals: Make it to 26

Scared? Terrified


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the adult world

  1. Happy Birthday Emily
    Well done on making it …… the battle isn’t over yet as you will come to understand all the million ways to die as an adult.
    Be on guard and pretend you’re 24 😉


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