What’s my age again?!

I have been 25 for a whole month now (congratulations, me!) so what exciting things have happened this month?

  • I have glasses
  • I have put my shoes on the wrong feet and not noticed. Twice.
  • I have been compared to a strangled cat whilst singing to myself at work (cheers, Gav!)
  • I have been chastised for comparing a training warm up to The Time-Warp
  • I have scraped the bottom of my car on a small wall (I am unsure of the damage as I have given up checking)
  • I have had a minor melt down because I was tired (think over-tired child, but an adult)
  • I have walked into a glass door because, well…it didn’t look like a door.
  • I got chatted up by an 18 year old in Tesco (still got it, YAS.)
  • I spilt something (unknown substance) in the back of my car, and it now smells like fish.

So that’s what I have done in my first month of being 25…but what else has been going on in the last month?

  • 5 of the top 10 UK singles are by Ed Sheeran
  • Emma Stone won an Oscar for Best Actress at the 89th Academy Awards
  • Emma Watson has starred in, arguably, her biggest film since Harry Potter
  • My twin brother released his first trailer for a full length feature film
  • He also did some major extra’s work (GO ED!)
  • John Boyega (of Star Wars fame) turned 25


What have all these people go to do with anything, I hear you cry!


They’re all of a similar – if not the same – age as me, and arguably more successful (not even arguably.).






Stupid – ness?

Lack of common sense – ness?



Apathetic – ness?


Who even knows. Not me. But if by some divine miracle, you do know…


Répondez s’il vous plait.




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