What’s the name of the game?

After some light comedic chatter with a work colleague I got wondering about names….what I like to be called, what I am called, what I don’t like to be called and what I am called despite any of the above!

Throughout my many years gracing the planet I have had my name spelt a myriad of ways –

  • Emilie (fair enough, I let them get away with this one)
  • Emely (what…?)
  • Emaly (may as well just call me email.)
  • Emil (this wasn’t an accident, it was said continuously. Sigh.)
  • Emma (again, I let this one slip)
  • Amy (how even?!)
  • Emmaly (no.)
  • Sarah (just stop.)

As the relatively (un)famous Ting Ting’s song so very aptly goes – THAT’S NOT MY NAME, THAT’S NOT MY NAME!

So why does it bother me so much…? After all, I find it hilarious and I am the first person to admit that I pretty much answer to anything! It’s not like I even live up to the true meaning of Emily (Industrious; striving – LOL) and sadly there isn’t a name that means lazy (CORRECTION – having now Google’d it the name Segenam means lazy, but I don’t want to be called Segenam.).

As an aid, andĀ just for the recordĀ –

What do I like being called / answer to?

  • Emily
  • Em
  • Ems
  • Clark / Clarky / Clarkie
  • Tinks / Tinkerbell
  • Smiler
  • Clumsy
  • Wonderful
  • Idiot
  • Dunce
  • Oi
  • Lazy
  • Amazing
  • Fantastic
  • Pretty much anything except ‘hun’.


What do I NOT like / answer to?

  • Hun – if you call me hun I will cringe so hard my eyes fall out.


Thank you for your co-operation.

Sarah x


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