In light of lacking inspiration, I thought I would share with you a short passage I wrote when I was about 18/19.

The passage is about love.

It’s strange reading it back now though; my views have done a complete 180. Yet, for some reason, when I read it it stirs something inside of me and moves me.

These are no longer the words of Emily Clark, but the words of a girl I used to know and used to be. A girl who, IMHO, wore rose tinted glasses and didn’t know what the real world was like. Perhaps you will have a different opinion, if so – I’d love to hear it.

Perhaps I have just become cynical and morose?

Perhaps I have become realistic?

Perhaps I have just become a little lost?

A little negative?

A little pessimistic?

Who knows.

But hopefully one day, I shall come back full circle to the perspective of the fresh faced Emily who was yet to embark on a long and arduous journey. Wish me luck.

“You know when you hear a beautiful piece of music and you think that your ears will never hear something that beautiful again? This is what falling in love is like, your heart beats fast, you get that feeling in your chest; that inexplicable nervousness. The beginning of something great. Something genius.

If love was easy to come by it wouldn’t feel like this, it would be an all too ordinary feeling – like the dread when the alarm goes off in the morning – but it is not. It is beautiful, it is strange, and it is scary and amazing all at the same time. There is nothing like it. Falling in love, really falling in love is not something you experience often – lust, yes – love, no. That spark, that fire in the pit of your soul, that utterly unquenchable desire – this is love. The dizzy, spell bounding, wonderfulness of genius. The genius that is love.

I don’t profess to be knowledgeable in love, but I do believe that it’s out there. Out there for each and every one of us to go out and find. And when you do – grab it and don’t let it go. When you find that person, embrace them, cherish every single second with them because you never know when it will be gone.

Live everything, and regret nothing.

Love is the answer. It is the answer to everything because, as humans, we were built to love.

The road to true love is not easy though, in fact – for most – it is the hardest journey in life. You think someone is the right person, that it is the right time, that you are ready and then time gives you the perfect vision you need to see that you are wrong, it curve balls you and shows you that it’s out of your hands – you can’t choose who, when, where or how; love doesn’t care if you’ve bought that car you wanted before you ‘settle down’, love doesn’t even care if you planned to be a lonely cat lady because love is love and when it happens, boy does it happen! But let me tell you, there are no wrong turns on the path to love. Without these past, supposedly, wrong choices and bad experiences how would we know when we’ve found the right person? Newton’s Third Law says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Without the bad we would not know the good. Without the heartache we would not hear the heart song. The melody of love that courses through our veins, that awakens our inner sanctum, that lifts up our souls.

Unfortunately, sometimes we are blinded to the course of true love. We get caught up in our busy lives that we never find true love. We are too busy searching for a better life without listening to the music in our hearts, without listening to the song our souls are singing – the song of love. Nothing in life is as important as love. So don’t spend your time on idol tasks, don’t spend your time trying to make money and become important because at the end of the road, your song will have finished and you will have had no one to sing it with. Because at the end of it all you might have all the cars or – heaven forbid – all the cats, but you won’t have love. You won’t have companionship. You won’t have wholeness and you won’t be complete. I may be absolutely wrong, but to me, having someone I can share my life with, bear my soul to and spend forever with is more important than anything else in the world and I know that when I find it – when I find that person that makes my heart sing and my fingers tingle – I won’t be letting go, not for anything, because that mysterious genius that we call love? That’s so worth getting out of bed for.

Emily Clark – 2011″


Used to be unrealistic, now realistic.

Still agree that we should live everything and regret nothing.


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