As with many of you, I woke up this morning to the tragic news of another terror attack; this time in Manchester.

There are no words that will bring any comfort or comprehension to what has happened; today our world is another planet’s hell. No ifs, no maybes.

Whilst my thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved; their friends, their families, the emergency services – I am also angered at some of the comments that are popping up on my various social media feeds.

  • Illuminati
  • Government
  • Cover – up
  • Immigrants

I’m SORRY?! W H A T?!

People are dead. Young people’s lives have been prematurely extinguished and all you can think is how it’s some sort of sordid plan concocted by our Government. NO.

What has happened is heart breaking and the act of pure evil. It doesn’t matter, how or why it has happened – we cannot change it. What does matter is that we stand together in solidarity, strong. We cannot let the darkness rule us.

Speculating about a government cover-up is no way to honour the innocent people who were unjustly slaughtered. So in the nicest way possible, SHUT.UP.



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