On paper…

As of late, along with about 82% of the nation, I have been watching Love Island. Watching it has made me realise how far we are from being equal as sexes – yes Jonny, that’s right. I am on Camilla’s side (always.).

Olivia hops beds and everyone calls her a tart (I concede that I am as guilty as the next person for this!), yet within 5 minutes of breaking things off with Camilla, Jonny is necking some other chica and nobody is calling him a tart (we’re all just really angry that he’s upset Camilla!).

Now, we all know a Jonny – or many for that matter!

There’s also a 99% chance we all know an Olivia.

But who has the worst reputation? Olivia. WHY?! Why shouldn’t she test out the waters before committing to one person?! Commitment is a huge, and very very scary thing so why should she not make sure it’s with the right person? If doing that saves her from the heartbreak Camilla (and most girls) have experienced, then surely it is worth it?

As women we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we are reserved and protect ourselves we are seen to be up ourselves or ignorant and challenged for not being interested or not making enough effort. However, if we let ourselves go and make an effort we are very often ignored or not met with the same level of effort. In this situation we are painted as being needy or coming on too strong – WHAT?! Why is it us who’re always painted in a negative light? Men are equally to blame, why are they not painted as ignorant or challenged for not making enough effort?!

It makes my blood boil. We can’t win. We’re either ignorant, or needy. Why can’t we just be interested, but protect ourselves from getting hurt?

I don’t know how we can change this, or if we ever will. I know for sure though, that I am going to continue doing whatever the f**k I want – if I like someone then I will text them and I will give them my attention, the right person won’t find me needy. If they have upset me, I will tell them. If they are being ignorant, I will call them out on it. Do you know why? Because I deserve the best. We all deserve the best – men and women!

Why do we have to be constrained by the unspoken rules of society? WE DON’T! If you like someone, just bloody tell them! If you want to be with them, just bloody tell them! If you want to text them, just bloody do it! There are honestly 101 more important things in the world than worrying about coming across too needy or too strong. Perhaps, it’s just a sign that you actually like someone, and is that such a bad thing?

But then again, maybe this is why I’m still single.


In other news, I have been offered to play the part of a dead body which includes being man-handled and strip searched.

It’s a yes from me.




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